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The COVID-19 Telehealth Seachange In Illinois And New Opportunities For Seniors
Friday, October 02, 2020, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT
Category: Events

Nancy has been involved in the 'science' and process of the administration of health care by the medical profession for a few decades and so, from her perspective she is well equipped to understand and translate for us the value of conveying 'virtual' or 'remote' care to patients by means of Telehealth communication.  A substantial increase in the use of Telehealth communications has taken place across the country during this time of the Pandemic when it is so much more difficult for seniors and the disabled to travel to their health care providers so it is important for all of us, whether for ourselves or our most vulnerable family members, to better understand how this health care delivery tool really works.  You will find Nancy's slide show quite helpful to your understanding of Telehealth's benefits.  

Nancy will also share with us the story of how several smart and caring college students at Yale, following through on the kernel of the idea for enabling seniors to access Telehealth services that began in a Florida high school, founded the nonprofit organization, Telehealth Access for Seniors.  This NFP entity gathers, finds, and purchases various kinds of devices such as smartphones and tablets to distribute to seniors who otherwise would have no means to access such services remotely.  The NFP also repairs such devices and, importantly, offers Tech training to the users so they understand how to sign on to and participate in Telehealth sessions with their physicians and other care providers.